tv copiaCongratulations Macpab!
You are the winner of the may league.
It’s a head to head again with Maffo Baffo who took the second place.

Big new in the league: third place to Gara14!
Will he be a danger for the great players Macpab and Maffo?
Will he be first next league overtaking the big players?

Who will be the next crazy winner?
Go crazy players!
Go Football!

Maffo Baffo is back!!

attaccante copiaApril league is over and…
MAFFO BAFFO is the winner!

Finally Maffo is back to the first place but the fight is not over and we are waiting for Staley to win again!

Now Maffo Baffo has 7 pennants while Staley 6.

Let’s see what will happen next month.
The may league just started and the fighting to the first place will be hard!

Follow the may tournament and go crazy, players!!

macpab is a Star!!

CR007MACPAB is the winner of the March league!

Congratulation Macpab, you won for the third time!
Macpab got his third pennant, so he’s got a star now and he’s a real star of the Football world!

Second place goes to Maffo Baffo and third place to Staley.
The three of them are fighting crazy for the first place that is jumping from one to another!

Who will win next moth league?
The fight is not over at all!

Follow the April tournament.
Go crazy, go Football!

Staley is back!!

yankeeROSSO@2xStaley81 took the first place again.
Congratulation Staley!

Staley has now 6 pennants and Maffo Baffo too!
Macpab is still on the podium running with them with 2 pennants.
He’s the last arrived but still, he’s not far from being the first again!

Will Maffo overtake Staley next month?
Or will Macpab go back to the first position?
Who will get the next pennant?
Who will win the next tournament?

Let’s see what will happen, crazy player!
Go crazy, go Football!

And the winner is…

dribblomaneVERDE@2xAnd the winner is… MACPAB!

Congratuliations macpab, you won for the second time in a row!
Maffo Baffo and Staley are back in the 2nd and 3rd place of the ranking crying the loss!

macpab is the new rising star in the Fottball Seasons championship now with 2 pennants!
He kept the promise ending at the first place again.

Will he keep the 1st place next month, doing 3 in a row?
Will Maffo take his revenge or will Staley do it?
The 2016 league started like crazy
and we are waiting for many more surprises!
Will we see even new players taking the scene?

Follow the February League.
Go crazy, go Football!



macpab won his first pennant!
Congratulations macpab!

He demonstrated to be ready for the victory last month and here we are: he kept the promise!
Finally someone won against the two biggest football players Maffo Baffo and Staley.
Maffo got the 3rd place while Staley the 2nd.


Will he keep the first place?
Will macpab win a second pennant?
Will Maffo or Staley take a revenge on Macpab?

The first league of the 2016 starts today!
Let’s see what will happen!

Crazy Football New Years Eve to everyone of you, crazy players!

The Star of the Stars!!

fantasista copiaMaffo Baffo took his 6th pennant!!
He’s not leaving the first place again and he’s now the Star of the Stars with 2 Stars!

He his the first in the Football Seasons history to reach this incredible record.
Congratulation champion!

Many congratulations also to macpab, he demonstrated to be ready for the victory!
And what about Staley81? He was not at his best this month, no head to head with Maffo for him.

Will macpab overcome Maffo Baffo in the December League?
Will Maffo win again against the other players?
Will Staley81 be back on the top?

Let’s see what will happen in the cold December League, surprises are coming!

Go crazy, go football!

Maffo Baffo won the October League!

tv copiaMaffo Baffo dominated the October League!
Congratulations Maffo!!

With this win Maffo Baffo gets his 5th pennant and it is tie again with Staley81.
Who will be the best coach in this head to head?
The November League will tell us.
Or maybe the new entry macpab will be able to defeat the two leaders… who will known?
Be ready for the new League!

Go crazy go Football!!


Staley is still the number 1!!

esaltatoStaley81 is not leaving the first place in the podium!

Double congratulation Staley81!

Maffo Baffo is strying hard to get back to the first position

There’s only a pennant between them!
So, the head to head is still on…

Autumn started, who will win October league?
Will Maffo Baffo take the great revenge after two winning month for Staley81?
Who will be the new champion?

Go crazy and follow the October League!

The Revenge!

curva@2x Staley81 took his great revenge!
After the burning August League Staley81 defeats his strong rival Maffo Baffo and won the League!

Congratulations Staley81!

The head to head between Staley81 and Maffo Baffo is keeping on.
They now both have four pennants in their career!


Was Maffo Baffo distracted by summer holidays?
Will he take his new revenge in September league?
Who will be the new Champion?

The September League is here… go crazy!!!

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