The Game

Will you be able to lead your team to the world stage?

You are the manager of a football club, your season starts leading a small group of players in search of glory, ready to follow their coach in forced training and challenges to the death. Earn money to expand your club with equipment, new staff members and phenomenal star.

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You’ll need all your skills as a strategist to efficiently distribute the energy of your team among the various competitions. To defeat your opponents to the conquest of the European cups. To fly in the league by winning rivals in the head to head matches for the championship and to impose yourself as the most famous coach of the season!

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Football Seasons is a card deck building game that simulates one football season. Starting with base players, you have to deploy their energies in the various competitions. You can choose to attend one of the five major European leagues:  Italian, English, Spanish, French and German. You have to dispute the domestic cup and, at same time, try to win the European Cup against the most acclaimed teams of Europe. Your starter deck can be strengthened with the addition of equipment, fans, staff, talented players and many other cards!

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Football Season is quick and fun. Experience the thrill of a great football seasons combined with the challenge of strategic management!

Football Season is a fast paced deck building game specifically designed for mobile game on smartphone and tablets. It is not a trading card game, it comes with full set cards included in the purchased of the app. Further expansions will be released to increase the game, your fun and the lifetime of the game.

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You can play either alone, or in pass and play mode on the same device, or with friends via WiFi/Bluetooth, or online against opponents from around the world in tournaments and world championships.

We look forward to challenge you on online football field!

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